About Archi Select

...where modern day fashion and superior design meet.


Soft fabrics.  Unique prints.  Pure joy. 

These are the core values of Archi Select, an architecturally inspired clothing and accessory company committed to delivering women of all ages, sizes, and styles with one-of-a-kind pieces and meticulously crafted designs.  Founded in 2020 out of Bellevue, Washington, Archi Select is a fashion design with the heart of an architect – delivering elegant lines, delightful silhouettes, and exceptional construction.  From comfortable t-shirt dresses to stunning totes, Archi Select creates clothing and accessories that are lovely to wear, fun to wear, and spread unmitigated happiness wherever you go.

Each of our pieces are intricately designed for outrageous comfort, total durability, and maximum style.  Archi Select pieces can be worn while cuddling up by the fire to read a book, at the hot yoga studio, or out and about around town as you run errands.  The breathable, sustainable, and durable material each Archi Select piece is crafted from is ideal for year-round wear and supreme versatility.  Each original design Archi Select creates is rigorously tested, reworked, and perfected – and the results are simply fabulous. 

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about the Archi Select community and philosophy.  Our supremely versatile textiles, prints, and products will help you create embrace your originality and spread joy wherever your adventures take you.