Our T-shirt dress

How often do you wear leggings? Perhaps nearly all the time—not only to work out but also during the weekend, after work…maybe you wish you could wear them to work. We all love a comfy outfit.

I really like wearing leggings too. But don’t you get bored pairing them with a T-shirt or tank top? Have you ever hesitated to go out in those outfits? Though they’re convenient to work out in, they don’t make for versatile everyday ensembles. What if they could be more stylish and appropriate for any occasion?

I thought . I design with colors and forms that make everyone feel happy. In contrast to the black geometric lines that I use in my work as an architect, I delight in creating our products with a range of colors and organic shapes. Our collections now contain more than 35 items. Our site looks like a flower bouquet. It’s a joy just to browse it!

And, after browsing, why not try one of our T-shirt dresses? They are perfect with leggings. In them, you can go shopping, have lunch with friends, play with your kids, and go out to watch games. These comfy T-shirt dresses and your favorite leggings suit almost any occasion. At the end of the day, just toss the dress into the washing machine, and it’s ready to wear the next time. I am sure that our T-shirt dresses will make you feel beautiful and confident.






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